Beside caution unusual action of the person - before the suicide bodeful
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Introduce according to professional personage, the person that apt commits suicide, put in a few features in cognitive respect, for instance:

Suicide knows limits to compare stricture commonly, apt is adopted be not this namely those and in order to slant without exception whole thinking way, with black and white, right of wrong, stand or fall simple 2 minutes of means will analyse the problem that encounter, see less than settlement a variety of ways of the problem, objective assessment cannot be made to oneself and surroundings before setback and difficulty;

When analysing a problem, suicide apt is mixed toughly passive, the problem ascribe destiny that oneself encounter, luck and external environment, believing a problem is inextricability and inevitable; When facing difficulty, or lacks the skill that solves a problem, or solves the ability of the problem to lack correct estimation to oneself, perhaps do not make at all any estimation, its are the settlement that often chose impropriety as a result the means of the problem; Suicide apt lacks patience, realistically expectation can score a success inside very short time, if some solves the means of the problem to was not obtained direct, instant success, can abandon its very quickly, as a result they are solving problem respect to gain real success very hard.

More important is, they regard the suicide as a kind of method that solves a problem; Apt sees a problem from the seamy side, right person, right oneself is right the society all is such. Expression is pair of whole societies, be opposite especially all round the crowd holds deep enmity, from the thought, open oneself and social segregation on feeling come. Feel oneself do not have a future, cannot see individual and society be changed in what happen possibly in the future. This kind of pessimistic psychology can bring about depressed mood, generate suicidal idea then; Devoid decision, namely indecisive, without definite idea, at the same time behavior has actuation sex again.

The person that apt commits suicide, there also are a few features in affection respect: Suicide has a lot of chronic anguish normally, angst, depressed, indignant, be tired of and compunctious become its affective main feature; These their negative disposition mood to oneself feel detest, accept very hard; Suicide connects reason mental or emotional state to be not stabilized, immature, show jumpy inclination; Actuation sex ground tries to eliminate all sorts of negative sex affection, if adopt all sorts of methods to harm his, if excessive drinking, excessive takes medicine, in deep sorrow, hit a wall with the head, pull a hair, eat and drink too much, use acute even implement the skin that harms the part such as hand ministry, bosom and ham.

The person that apt commits suicide, the feature in human relation respect is: Social association is little, with all round immediate human impact (family, neighborhood, colleague, friend) often produce conflict, often lose the human relationship that has established, fear to be rejected by others at the same time; Suicide builds new human concern hard, new social environment makes they feel unwell, cause good-fellowship angst and the behaviour that escape socialization.
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