Do " psychology to massage to oneself regularly "
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Psychologist points out: "In adverse to everything the person's effect, can make a person short-lived most of die young be about to calculate bad mood and abominable mood. " people besides need to specific aim ground accepts psychological make a diagnosis and give treatment after contracting psychological disease outside, still need to be inspected psychological health protection is significant of channel " psychology is massaged " . "Psychology is massaged " not mysterious, can blend in our daily life completely.


Humour is a kind of beauty " change an agent " , it is OK thoroughly delighted of distressing melt into, can let anguish turn into happy, turn into awkwardness harmonious, be helpful for adjusting mood and eliminate exhaustion of body and mind. There was humour in the family, had joy and happiness; There was humour between husband and wife, can know each other well have element.


The game of domestic interior, not only can dynamic atmosphere, and can add wisdom beneficial body. The child and parents are begun " play yo-yo " , " picture nose " wait for game, experienced the life already, grow closely in be full of joyous sound to laugh at the atmosphere of language again young, the relation between husband and wife, the interest that arouses in game often can make popular feeling condition cheerful, this fosters the soil of good psychology therefore.


Laugh at the lubricant that is mental health, it is the art of a kind of life, be helpful for eliminating atmosphere of psychological exhaustion, active life. There was laugh in the life, had beautiful breath. When in relatives and friends the mood is unhappy, you might as well amuse him to laugh; When oneself generates worry, you might as well the fun that considers a close experience is caused laugh.


Appreciation music is OK and promotional healthy, complementary treat a disease, make person prolong life. The doctor points out, euphonic and pleasant music affects pallium through the person's hearing, make internal system increases secrete a few hormone that are beneficial to health and enzymatic, when the music that hears oneself to like when a person consequently, breath is deepened, nerve is flabby, exhaustion is able to eliminate.


Calligraphy is activity of a kind of very good preserve one's health, fitness. Wield one's writing brush experienced pen, what get art go up not only is decorous enjoy, and can happy affection raises gender, promotional health. It and qigong, shadowboxing is similar, static in have move, outside static inside move, when practicing calligraphy, "Meaning in the pen first " , "Quiet energy of life of wirh fixed attention " , carry heavy style pine is enraged when the pen, wholeheartedly, can make a person pleasurable, be very happy with it.

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