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Reported on January 14 according to American media, a newest research proves Australia, climate change can cause severe psychological disease.

In last few years, australia encounters the big drought that encounters hard for years continuously. In the inland of this country, farmland craze, crops dies, assure of the dweller hard with water daily, be close to even cay dying even. But what make lay mines of scientist case Lun Aer peculiar feel anxious truly is, aussie treats arid manner -- people becomes more and more depressed with pessimism.

Aerbulei is peculiar made investigation together with the colleague in time of a few years, the record issued the Australian person feeling in the depth of the heart when facing drought. He says: "The plant that sees Tian Li when people in succession gone, bird is large-scale face other place migrates, the garden is sere small grass and leaf completely, they can think sometimes, here is the place that lived a few years far from. " Aerbulei is peculiar think, this is a kind of new sadness mood, people lost attributive sense, resemble at the outset the feeling when aboriginal is forced to leave home is same. But be willing to leave home town actively without the person, although they are familiar with everything to disappearing, beautiful before environment already left them far.

Now, australian person suffers from it is strange to got on a kind " anxiety " -- be in personally home town, be in however longing home town. Aerbulei is peculiar: Say " actually, people is to long to have former environment. " this drought that happens in Australia, let scientists anew angle examines climate change: The likelihood affects the mentation of people. Everybody may phonate in afraid ecosystem unpredictable change, live after littoral townsman may worry to rise when sea level for instance, can flood oneself home town; The scientist is afraid, be in probably before long in the future, people should phonate for clean drinking water war; Animal lover is afraid, certain and polar bear, cetacean, avian can eradicate very quickly.

In modern society, be in especially western developed country, the health of body and mind that people had forgotten him is the environment that how depends on stability. Everybody drive, by plane, enjoy all sorts of electron products, get online the thing with be inspected the most important, regard these things as catch up with the mark of tendency of the day -- but, just lose the person of home town, ability can remember the environment of home town beauty is how important.

What provide satirize extremely is, if one day, the coffee hall that people likes most or snack bar is put out, a lot of people may bristle with anger, but, 20 years or after 30 years, rise when average temperature 5 Celsius, the plant beside us in succession gone when; When barpque bedbug spreads all over whole town; When should glancing Bai Xuecheng is the dream that Yao cannot reach, what kind of reaction should people have again? Aerbulei is peculiar say: "The environment changes more quickly, bigger to the influence of the person's mental health. In Australian inland, industrial activity already turned a lot of places into one wool not long ground, the suicide of people is led rise sharply. " the new orleans that sees the United States again, the scientist of haing Buddha university ever was in in card spy after graceful hurricane, had made an investigation to this city resident. This dweller says, they sufferred extremely painful spirit torment, serious degree is the double above 3 years ago, the person that has nearly 10% among them has wanted to commit suicide even. Physiology scar is one of reasons, but the psychological shadow that environmental aggravation causes may be mainer reason.
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