What American suicide prevents is politic
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One, the seriousness of American suicide incident

The suicide ranks American at present the 8th of main cause of death, claim human life of more than 30000 United States every year. In 1952 arrive between 1995, the suicidal occurence rate of adolescent and young adult grows of nearly 3 times. Every 17 minutes have a life because of committing suicide die, american takes away the life of themselves and everyday 86 have more than 1500 people to commit suicide in the attempt. The person tower above that because AIDS dies,the number that at present the suicide dies compares of double in the time that in the United States every two people are killed by homicide, having 3 life is to die at committing suicide.

In suicidal population, the person that exceeds an in part is grown man, the age is in 25-65 year old between, the possibility that the male dies at the suicide is a female fourfold tall. Than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, a priori blemish, apoplectic, pneumonic with the grippe, with chronic pneumonia, the patient of the knot has more adolescent and young adult to die at committing suicide. In a the middle of a month of the suicide, the old people that has 75% once had seen a doctor. A lot of people that ever had had suicidal purpose never had sought professional help in the instantly that has a purpose instantly.

2, prevention and cure of American national suicide is politic

Strategy of prevention and cure of American national suicide is an activator that changes a society, have the power of change one's tune, policy, service, it mirrorred omnibus the method that reachs integrated sex, the loss that with the bring down the suicide and suicidal behavior place bring and affliction, representing the job that combines between advocate, clinical worker, investigator and survival, the framework that national strategy reveals a practice is leading a batch of development that still await executive service and plan, it devotes oneself to promotion and offer way, in order to amend social infrastructure, period can affect the masses service of the basic attitude to the suicide and change judicatory, education, society and system of healthy look after.

The method of this public health that prevents in the light of the suicide (National Strategy) represented a reason with the kind that has an organization, the effort that arrangement intervenes ensures they are effective. Arrived all the time recently these a few years between the method that just had a public health that prevents and cure in the light of the suicide, accordingly, to biology and social psychology element facilitating suicide behavior had a clearer knowledge, 5 its basic measure are respectively: Limit an issue clearly; Do knowledge risk factor and protective factor; Develop and test intervening strategy; Implement intervening strategy; Evaluate efficiency.

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