Matthew effect
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In " Bible " medium " Matthew " the 25th chapter has so a few words: "Every some, add him to call him even redundant. Those who do not have, even him all also should seize. " 1973, investigator of American science history Merton generalizes phenomenon of psychology of a kind of society with these a few words: "Comparative to already having the honor that the scientific contribution that the scientist of fame makes gives is increasing, and the achievement that does not admit them to those not famous scientists. " Merton names phenomenon of psychology of this kind of society for " Matthew effect " .

Social psychologist thinks, "Matthew effect " it is a social psychology appearance that already negative effect has positive effect again. Its are inactive action is: Celebrity does a similar result with the person that did not became famous, former praise toward upgrade class, the reporter is interviewed, the person that ask for advice followings sb's heels with the person that visit and come, all sorts of laurel also receive a ground to wave, the ego understanding that the result often makes person of wh some of which regains consciousness because of doing not have and without sensible manner take credit to oneself are prideful, fall drops on the road in life; And latter unmanned make inquires, still can suffer even blame and envy. Its are active action is: One of, the achievement that can admit those are immature still prematurely in order to prevent a society or premature ground accept seemingly accurate positive result; Secondly, "Matthew effect " what produce " honor is increased " and " honorary and lifelong " wait for a phenomenon, right anonymous person have tremendous appeal, make anonymous person go struggling, and this kind struggles to again must the achievement ability that surpasses celebrity past apparently obtains yearning honor. Tell from this meaning, social progress and the breakthrough that go up scientificly are true still with " Matthew effect " concern a bit.

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