Test of the psychology on the net is game only
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Speak of an exam, people often can frown, however, have a kind of examination very popular however, this is psychological test. Very much now fashionable magazine, the press, website established psychology to check special subject, people is involved by these the place of trivial examination questions of the square field surface such as love, marriage, disposition, career, school work, human relation is attracted, ground of strive to be the first goes defeating interpret individual to live " Da Vinci password " .

Check increasingly thorough popular feeling as psychology, people nature can ask a question: Does psychology check science? Psychologist is having affirmative answer to this problem, psychological test is called in professional domain psychology is measured, it is a of psychological research important method, its weave the process has a scientific level, the result has strict and objective explanation. The essence that psychology measures is to pass the minority that watchs a person to have representative action, to perforative inference and quantification analysis are made in the psychological characteristic in entire act activity of the person. It is to provide what availability and letter spend to evaluate, accord with strict statistical principle. However, real problem depends on however, the psychology of nowadays medium popularity checks and not be equal to check at afore-mentioned science. These check and do not have rigorous scientific sex, often be the projectile test subject that the one part that psychology measures or individual course simplify only, measure completely even with psychology did not concern, it is the game of property of a kind of recreation.

For instance, a such psychology check a problem: "The person that itchs all over, yearn for love; The person with urticant back, need a close partner; The person with urticant arm, the object is your close friend certainly; The person with urticant head, should marry urgently namely. " above these judgement sound very absurd. But this psychology checks, however hall and the ground of emperor appears in what some TV station rolls out to talk kind of program is medium, the person that give a title still comes from Taiwan " famous psychologist " . This kind of psychology that is without a basis checks, it is a kind of recreation only.

Psychology checks popular account

Aught is welcomed by the masses, it catered to the need of some kind of psychology of people necessarily, psychological test is not exceptional also.
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