"Su Dongpo effect " knock to ego had alarm bell
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This is jest of an ancient time: Difference of a solution sees wall of the government office on bonze. Live when inn bonze borrows machine his fuddle, it is his shave bareheaded again, ran away next. The discovery after solution difference awakes became little one person, astonied, then feels bareheaded to turn Jing is happy event: "Luckily bonze still is in " ; Can baffle again subsequently indissoluble: "Where am I? " a sensible and normal person, probably unapt be troubled by go out not to know " where am I " , jest. However, should know truly " ego " , not be an easy thing however.

This story can not be the jest that fabricate below --

At the beginning of this century, have an American minister that calls Lasaier Kangweier, with " lapidary land " make a speech in American itinerate for the problem. His speech makes be involved in of whole United States passionate eddy. Allegedly he held the lecture that amounts to 6000 times, its content is as follows; India had a rich farmer that calls Ali Hafude once upon a time, to search bury family property was sold off when lapidary land, outside going out, travel, eventually destitute and dead. But, after this sells from him with respect to somebody the most precious gem on the world discovered in the land that give. Kang Weier cites this real story, explain with many example, what people seeks to him, just is the thing in him hand.

Here, ask you to understand: Ego, namely so " new friend " , be familiar with very already, often bewildering. It is you " the thing in him hand " , often pay no attention however, it seems that far horizon be in, mysterious dimly discernible is gotten very.

This is one is opposite " ego " understand a problem.

Ego, accompanying individual socialization generation, the formation of ego and development are driving individual socialization again. Every each body has distinctive ego. Individual ego, say with respect to its the widest meaning, it is everything physical ability is called quite " my " summation. It not only include activity of individual body, physiology and psychological activity, and include all with individual concerned existence thing, be like individual parents, spouse, children, kin, friend, individual achievement, reputation, belongings and influence. All these makes individual sufficient to the existence generation of oneself is satisfied or resenting experience. The ego of narrow sense, it is to point to individual the functional activity to perception of him psychology activity and pilot head. Ego is the special form of individual psychology, it is person head to individual oneself and active to what concern with the outer world reaction. the composition with respect to ego, ego can distinguish relatively the part that is 3 cross correlation, namely: Corporeal ego (individual the ego of the report of that one part that he attributes in the body to oneself and the outer world, society (individual the report that oneself are paid close attention to by other or group place, the central part that is individual ego) , mental ego (physical ability enough perception and adjust the process of oneself psychological activity, condition, feature, this is the place) of the core of individual ego. Altogether, ego is the functional activity of individual report oneself and the head of its and relation of the outer world.
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