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See a such problems please: A public security director is in roadside is same an old person talk, run at this moment a child, the director says pair of hurried public security: "Your father and my father are noisy rose! " the old person asks: "Your what person is this child? " public security director says: "It is my son. " ask you to reply: What relation are these two affray people and public security director?

This one problem, in 100 in be being tried, only two people answer sb's question! Ask this question to a 3 home later, parents did not answer sb's question, the child answered very quickly however to come out: "The director is female, one when quarrel is the director's husband, namely the child's father; Another is the director's father, namely the child's grandfather. Namely the child's grandfather..

Why does so much adult answer to be inferior to the child instead to so simple problem solution? This decides situation effect namely: According to adult experience, public security director should be male, from male director calm situation goes to this psychology suppositional, cannot find the solution naturally; And the experience that dot does not have this respect, also decide the limitation of situation without psychology, found correct solution at a draught consequently.

What calm situation points to psychology is the preparative condition of specific to some activity, adroitness can comparative when it can make we are undertaking certain activity, achieve automation even, can save a lot of time and energy; But at the same time, psychology decides the existence of situation to also can manacle our thinking, make we solve a problem only with groovy method, and do not beg with other " shortcut " breakthrough, also can give consequently solve a problem to bring a few negative effects, the experiment of article begin is a very good example.

Calm situation effect can appear when thinking not only and solving a problem, also can suffer psychology to decide the effect of situation in the understanding other, process that interacts with the person. Russia psychologist ever had done such classical about " psychology decides situation " experiment: Investigator shows same Zhang Zhao to two groups of undergraduates that attend an experiment piece, but before showing a picture, say to the first group of students: This person is the convict of a be steeped in evil and refuse to repent; Say however to the 2nd group of students: This person is a big scientist. Next the appearance that he makes two groups of students respective depict this person on the photograph with the character.

The description of the first group of students is: Deep-set double eye shows his heart is full of animosity, outstanding chin proves him along guilty road bigotry after all determination...

The 2nd group description is: Deep-set double eye demonstrates the depth of this person mind, the will that outstanding chin demonstrates this person to overcome difficulty on understanding road...
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