Psychological saturation
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"One word of saturated " fastens chemical term, in imposing fine person water, cannot dissolve again when it when, call " saturated " . "Psychological saturation " is point to psychology bear force arrived cannot again susceptive degree.

Be like: Zhuo Bielin is in " fashionable times " in act a worker, all day long is doing " to twist the work of screw " , dry long, he sees a pair of button before bosom of pass by woman, also be twisted with spanner. Be like again: A leader attends calligraphy to be exhibited greatly, the staff member asks his inscribe, he believes a hand to write next " to agree with 2 words of " . Although this belongs to jest, also be the typical case of psychological saturation however.

Psychological saturation phenomenon is in the life almost everywhere is visible. An American businessman goes to Indian living ground travelling, he sees over there braid straw hat very beautiful, ask then: "A how many fund to buy? "The other side replies: "10 yuan. "" if do I buy 100 same straw hat? "Every carry " on the head 20 yuan. "" why am I bought wholesale more expensive instead? "" does we feel very fresh, do 10 we should be able to bear or endure strength, and should make 100 identical straw hat, we will bear strength how by force! "Psychological saturation causes this business miscarriage.

Psychological saturation is negative effect more. For instance, the teacher decorates 100 maths to inscribe, when the student begins feigned trade, the action is quick, do correctly also, but accomplish later, rate is slow, often still give error, cheesed mood appears in the meantime. Manage together, the worker does similar work, office of case of cadre bend over, appear possibly the phenomenon of psychological saturation, in short, they strike dirt.

The phenomenon of extramarital love is more now, also be psychological saturation actually in do mischief. Two husband and wife marry a few years or ten years, live together all the time, the every act every word and deed of the other side, oneself know sth like the palm of one's hand, lost gradually between each other in those days new move, live with respect to Lian Xingsheng far also when be inferior to newly-married so be obsessed with, if each other alternate with should say, had said, the thing that should do also has been done, the boredom of a kind of under cover begins to produce. At the moment, once come up against other opposite sex to him (or her) deliver unusual view, when the leer with profound flavour of flying one's purpose in coming, they feel novelty, exciting, feel the other side is more interesting than his spouse, if drop into the love net, retort with challenging questions with extricate oneself. Review all sorts of extramarital love, belong to psychology to want saturatedly to hold the proportion that comparative.

The energy of psychological saturation is very big, a lot of suicide incident all rise by it. So, somebody makes fun of psychological saturation again the accomplice " that calls " suicide. Jiangsu has a blueness to be versed in Xiaoli goes to a hospital seeing a doctor somewhere, the doctor is diagnosed for " colic " . Xiaoli literacy is not much, know word of " hernial " by accident word of " cancer " , think oneself got incurable disease. Because he is introvert, both neither dare ask for advice to the doctor, also do not report to parents, it is frowzily from height in the heart. He wants to be afraid of more more, want to jump over despair more, reach the level of psychological saturation finally, the road of the suicide that walk up.
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