The world prevents suicidal sun: ? of Ren rebuilds hope
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Everybody knows September 10 is teacher's day, but how many person knows, do day or worlds of 10 the 2nd “ prevent suicidal day ” ? The theme this year is life of “ save lifesaving, rebuild hope ” . The suicide has become the public spirit sanitation that the whole world pays close attention to jointly and social issue.
One individual suicide dies, constant regular meeting brings huge inner impact and life great change to family, friend, compunctious, self-condemned become them with ashamed feeling the psychological package of long life journey. Besides the family, the so much person that the suicide causes dies ahead of schedule or harm, still mean the forfeiture of more labour force, of many medical treatment natural resources expend. And course of study of the life of the orphan that suicide leaves, go to school already became social issue.
Data makes clear, bell of our country every dichotomy has abortive of suicide of death of 1 person suicide, 8 people, every year 287 thousand person dies at abortive of suicide of the suicide, 2 million person. The suicide has died in China the sort in the reason the 5th, come 34 years old in 15 years old the age paragraph in black prime of life, the suicide is chief cause of death.
Case is analysed 1
The “ of an undergraduate begs dead ” psychology
This year in January, a when some saves a college big 4 students lie during winter vacation course commits suicide. After the event, the school discovers he stays in a piece of brief note on computer clavier, according to the route that brief note indicates, discovered he deposits the problem in computer to be the posthumous papers of “ beekeeper ” . As a caution and the research to undergraduate psychology problem, crisis of Hangzhou city psychology and interpose center withheld this posthumous papers.
Still have the findings report of the school at the same time, they summed up experience lesson and caused reflection to this matter. Write among them: Grade of this student learning is poorer, like to play computer game, compare introversion for the person at ordinary times. The school looks for him to talk for many times, but just supervise and urge he clutchs study, be far from game, communicate in communication in, not deep to the philosophy of this classmate and psychological state understanding; After having a holiday, should master a student to buy a ticket to return domestic case, the student that stays in the school to without reason should add care and care more.
Serious a letter or note left by one immediately before death
Hold this in both hands to be as long as when our hand the posthumous papers of 10 thousand much word, the mood is very heavy: Be worth green and junior undergraduate, why to meet doesn't the choice put in a road 's charge so?
The dead is in all the time prepare to commit suicide, he wrote with detecting the form of the novel Spring 2003 the name is " beekeeper " posthumous papers, carry the investigation of inquirer, and logistic inference dead is the suicide or homicide, analysed the dead to pursue suicidal matter.
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