Does psychology seek advice how to allow person change?
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Somebody asks, does psychology seek advice how to let a person change? Customary view is " the self-help that help a person " , advisory division passes the contact with the person that call in, the person that let call in is final oneself go from inside the predicament that the heart struggles. I say to my person that call in constantly: Everyone goes on his distinctive life road, it is even highway sometimes, sunshine is bright, pleasurable; It is the canal between muddy hill sometimes, heavy rain torrential, trek; Right now you need to support sb with hand. Advisory division at best is the effect that had a walking stick, be accompanied in some paragraph of journey and support you, walk out of muddy, be about to desertion crutch, as to should move toward He Fang, everybody has his result.

Some people say, I do not know I want to move toward He Fang, I do not know to should choose what profession, should marry with who, should go or stay... psychology seeks advice to still have a main effect: Let a person understand his more. Right now, the person that call in ases if confused a road, need employs an advisory division, for company is explored together, go " interior brigade " . Should walk out of a heart to be confused mediumly by accident, stride sets foot on journey afresh, do not need to seek advice from division. And busy also move takes advisory division oneself road, ceaseless somebody needs " act as a guide " .

To interior exploration, it is a formidable job. Everybody from be born beginning, taking oneself route, the life of everybody is distinctive, if the person that call in does not know what him heart needs, why does advisory Shi Youru know? This is compared " offer crutch " effort wanting fee, asing if is " perform an operation " , this formidable job should disinfect in asepsis " surgery " -- finish inside psychological consulting room; The person that need calls in has made adequate preparation, sign " the operation agrees with a book " -- advisory agreement; Need seeks advice from division to have excellent technical ability, finish " operation " -- the psychogenesis of the person that call in change.

Psychology seeks advice from division and psychotherapy division, it is the heart that uses oneself is working, they need to have a perfect heart, and abide by professional ethic. This scalpel, use in surgery can save life, however if use scarify in disorder, also can commit murder. Not be to say the psychology of advisory division has how perfect, at least he is in ceaseless ascend, perfect oneself. Advisory him division stands higher, go further, ability is getting the person that call in go higher farther.

Because be to use " ego " , " heart " working, advisory division needs to repair refine ego ceaselessly, let this maintain scalpel sharp when use, the operation skill that lets oneself maintains " do a job with skill and ease " . However the person does not have perfect man, advisory division has not perfect place as much, have the operation that oneself cannot become, when body exhaustion cannot become an operation, at that time need has self-knowledge, face oneself sincerely. Because, once went up operating-table, moved small knife, the important matter that is of vital importance.
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