The behavior of target behavior is analysed
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In behavior treatment, pass analysis of abecedarian behavior function, remedial division may be decided truly in whole cure process or the patient that the need in treating stage individually tries to change the specific target in problem act, these targets call target action. In light of the point of view that treats from behavior, target behavior is because of variable, change as the change of other independent variable. Accordingly, after certain behavior giving target, the job that treats division is to discover those can effectively " operate " the potential factor of target behavior. For example, the marriage of a man is faced with undone, because he and his wife often quarrels. Remedial division may quarrel their husband and wife the target behavior in serving as cure. Love quarrels likelihood and come from inchoate study experience to concern, but the effect that it suffers other factor possibly also. What the man becomes when remedial division may discover they quarrel always is drunk. When does he drink? In him only tired dead tired vivid ground worked daylong later. The pressure that what reason creates him to work be? It is he himself is having highbrow high level to his job. So far, remedial division may become the ego evaluation level that adjusts this husband a few actualer, operate as what the place in treating a process should solve the potential factor of target behavior, is not to quarrel directly behavior. Of course, we also can think, in affirmatory target behavior and its causal behavior analysis, target behavior produced move, make the target conduct of the surface of immediate cause of cure, give place to potential action is variable.

Undertake to target behavior behavior function analysis must include the following 3 respects:

1. React to behavior (R) analysis

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