The applying process that the family treats
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Domestic cure is treated with marriage or the individual is treated same, be should experience roughly program and undertake. Although follow the remedial place of every family to need, its program can have a lot of change, but make our description basic and have a process ideally, what apply as effective treatment is referenced.

Inchoate phase (begin the 3 consultation that come 5 times)

⑴ treats the explanation of the principle to the family, of the contract build: Because average person still does not have understanding to domestic cure, treating in the begining, appropriate looks for the principle that the opportunity shows simply to the family is treated as early as possible, make participation family has an abecedarian to understand; And show the condition that the appropriate on cure observes and regulation, so that can undertake by regulation.

The participation of the person that ⑵ treats and be accepted: The person that treat wants to be familiar with with family, and each other are accommodated accept, can be close to person following the home to talk about, but authority of some of appropriate of the person that also retain treatment, the effect of the person that so that develop,treat.

Of ⑶ problem search reach those who amend way to build: The descriptive domesticity circumstance of by family, the setting in the past and experience, what what face at present is difficult, consult the person that treat observes impression of earning of family behavior reaction, build the diagnosis of domestic problem; Treat the way that amend with family delibrate.
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