Sand table game treats brief introduction
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Sand table game is method of dredge of a kind of psychology, also be use sand, sand table, and of concerned person or content shrink a kind of method that tiny model will come undertake psychotherapy and psychology coach.
In a freedom, space that gets protection, move back and forth through all sorts of models, toy is being used inside sand table interior story, the person that make call in and involuntary contact are conveyed the experience that exceeds a language and by obstructive energy. This kind of contact and expression, can promote activation, restore, change, cure, newborn force, right the education of the maintenance of mental health, imagination and creativity, character develops the person that call in and heart sex grows to have stimulative effect.
Emphasizing the spontaneity that creates process itself and autonomy is the basic characteristic of therapeutics of sand table game, make full use of the essential feature that be not utterance communication and symbolic significance is therapeutics of sand table game. In addition, the basic principle of this kind of therapeutics depends on, its utmost ground gives people the freedom with the imagination, all sorts of themes that in allowing to people constructs meticulously and develop him brains, gallop arbitrarily. It has become special maturity and one of effective remedial methods in abroad, in psycho and psychotherapy, and concerned psychology received wide application in education, formed homes of a batch of professional sand table psychotherapy.
Sand table game treats a method to suffer flourish case to imagine the technology reachs his to be inspired theoretically actively as a kind, heart of Er of lukewarm humble of by the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (MargaretLowenfeld) and Dora Kaerfu (the ceaseless effort of the person such as Dora Kalff) , the initiative expression of the edificatory plus archaic tradition and children nature, in 20 centuries 60 time are formed finally and be able to come out. At the beginning, its remedial object basically is children, already expanded gradually now the psycho to adult and cure.
Sand table game has two to make element basically greatly: Spoon harmony leg neighs leech mace is?sand) of lowing I of P of lift up ⒛ is one of stuff that children loves to play most, almost each person when ever had had the experience that plays sand, not different country, contemporaneous children scarcely exceptional. Sanded fluidity and plasticity, make people can develop imagination arbitrarily, can build the castle in him heart, village, mountains and rivers-land and river with it, and other any. Because sand is molded by decency of earthly surface petrosal, still be considered as dene pouring Black is in the good stuff; with the image content that portrays indicative world " innocent song " in write, we are OK " whole world sees in a sand " .
Therapeutics of sand table game is theoretical foundation with the analytic psychology of flourish case, especially his involuntary theory and the active imagination technology that he invents. Because sand table game is a kind of blame is verbal, the communication of involuntary level, accordingly, have the boy or girl friend that communicate to character of not easy diction, for instance children, the person that have language barrier, shut disease oneself patient, depressed disease patient and the more indrawn person that call in, it is the method of a kind of very very good, effective communication and cure.
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