Reflect systematic family to treat " resource orientaton " operation technology
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One. The concept of resource orientaton
Systematic family cure is will understand a kind of psychotherapy with interpose family with systematic talking, cybernatic idea. It thinks to index patient (Index Patient) the result that the problem that present just is domestic member interaction, its family itself just is " patient " . Accordingly, change clammy appearance cannot sheet begins from remedial individual member, and should be an object with whole family system, transmit information through talk and behavior exercise, in order to affect domestic structure, communication and cognitive characteristic (domestic epistemological) , improve human relation. Action of psychology of such look upon is unusual, reflected a family to treat the heavy about-face on academic orientaton. Among them, resource orientaton already was in the light of our be used to namely constant blemish orientaton (or pathology orientaton) and put forward. Blemish orientaton regards the behavior of meaning of certain somebody border as real obstacle, morbid state, or it is the final individual sex on catenary of linear cause and effect ending. This kind of understanding has stimulative morbid state, make the symptom changes possibility chronically. The functional meaning that resource orientaton asks we recognize pathology symptom afresh however and " patient " healthy resource; The mode of make a diagnosis and give treatment that goes to already considers the impact of behavior and inner process and domestic background lesser, and resource orientaton cuts stimulative patient however free-standing sex, develop its to affect responsibility ability of the symptom actively, direct individual and family the new life pattern of active health. Above is radical formulation, be in clinical going up is to have sex of practical, operation. We pass 4 years of much practice, think a few more the following the technology can be applied at Chinese consult guest.

2. A few kinds reflect the operation skill of resource orientaton
1. Quiz circularly (Circular Questioning) : By turns, again and again asks each domestic members to convey his observation to another member behavior, to the view that concerns between member of additionally two families, the relation between the behavior that perhaps asks one the individual's behavior and another person. Be like: "When your mom mood is bad, who meets the first comfort her in your home? " " where individual is interested in today's talk most? " this kind of indirect query is provided extremely inspire gender, suggestion sex, have person for " the loop is hypnotic " . The means that the following kinds of queries also can use a loop to quiz comes " pack " .
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