The collect inside expression----With psychology kinetic explanation matures the
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" dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " it is to the explanation of expression: The inner activity that shows on person face. It is to the explanation of collect: ① is packed up; Close; ② tie. So the meaning that describes the collect inside one individual expression is: What he perhaps shows the inner activity that come out to contract upcountry on her face.

This gives the collect inside expression the speech did not find on a lot of reference book, but in often appearing in a few novels however. In knight-errant novel, this word often is used at describing zenithal ace of Wulinzhong. Very apparent, this is not a vocabulary that describes military accomplishment directly, however a vocabulary that describes mentation. Want to become a zenithal past master, mentation may be more important than military accomplishment itself. So we can say, describe the collect inside one individual expression, state this individual is having wonderful psychology.

The collect inside expression is pass whole, of the whole that instinctive lookout obtains, instinctive feeling, have typical Oriental occultism color, want to explain it very clearly, perhaps not be a very easy thing. But it is clear that we must explain it must explain it. Want above all here derivative the first our belief, namely: We are not trustful why alleged have thing of Oriental and mysterious colorific, like buddhist, realize etc, be real mystery with what cannot explain, we can find a kind of method certainly, make these things have us to be able to understand, and the rationality that the person of other culture setting also can understand.

Oriental method lacks analytic method in the system, the likelihood is to make Oriental culture has mysterious colorific main reason. An object if you do not ravel him in light of, then it is in may be mystery forever before you. So the analysis is a kind of when break mystery very good method probably. To the oriental description to psychological phenomenon, the psychoanalysis technology of traceable west may break the tool that its feel mysteriously best namely.

Let us have a look first, the person of the collect inside an expression that be by appearance may bring what kind of sense to us.

The character of such individual is integrated highly. If character is an object, we can experience its bright and clean simple sense, heavy density and delightful temperature even. If he wants to do a business, bring a heart into play can easy to doly all psychological energy go finishing it. With such person contact with, it is OK to be just like him “ contractive ” his own heart activity is same, our inner activity also can be attracted by him, this is the origin of individual glamour. Say on history: “ is handed in with Zhou Gongjin, be like ” of drink mellow Miao, means says, character charm of Zhou Yu resembles one altar good wine, with him association is just like like drinking, be about insensibly drunk.
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