Renting control, you became aware what
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A lot of moment, the person's anguish comes at a kind of ineffable control it seems that, feeling very not free, if accept or reject not free, behavior is not free, even thinking is not free.

Exemple: Some girl is fast 30 years old (alias A Yi) , love be lovelorn twice twice, the job found new job 3 years 5 times, be out of job nowadays in the home. She has year of one stands not to rise panic that plant and stands suddenly, the mood blow on the face that feels nervous angst is depressed and acedia and come.

She says: I detest the job to must work again, detest the life to must live again even. I seem to always searching ego to also search always however to be not worn. Cherish as a child I of ambition, go to did not feel too satisfactory all the way. The university entrance exam fails (before taking an examination of two months sufferred from pneumonic, insomnia, mood be agitated) the regret resembles ghostliness still ramshackle in my heart. The achievement that depends on me should read key university, regrettablly read-only an ordinary three-year institution of higher learning. Thenceforth rises, my life seems fell into lair, the self-abased torment that is inferior to a person is worn me. But there is a voice all the time in my heart saying, this is not you, not be you, you should be the most marvellous! You must walk out of trough, must become best person. So I always struggle in effort, but the effort that I discover me does not see redound, my struggle to did not let me walk out of lair, feel oneself are inferior to where meaning. I feel super exhaustion, body and mind ased if to be controlled by what same, do not get freedom. I hate myself really, why does him hate come to the world?

Do not know A Yi however, what are you yes? What are you yes? You are him hate be born or him hate is living, still hate you to live joylessly? What appearance is just the most marvellous? Who you are after all and to who you are after all and struggle hard? Do you want what to kind of person become?
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