The action that psychotherapy sets reachs its meaning
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Systematic psychotherapy obtains successful basic premise is to have a good remedial setting. The basic to psychotherapy setting lack lack in understand and treating practice does not have strict psychotherapy setting at all even, it is our country the job of psychotherapy is at present medium exist generally and a when had be notted know adequately serious problem. Because this is necessary to reach its to the meaning that psychotherapy installs, action above all,the meaning does relatively detailed elaborate:

One, the remedial setting that what is psychotherapy

1, cure installs a definition: The cure of psychotherapy is installed even if the psychotherapy division specific arrangement to the actual unit process of cargo bandling of psychotherapy, it is it is the elaborate design that is the executive place of psychotherapy to make through psychotherapy division, good to be arranged beforehand, the basic regulation that asks to treat division and ill average per capita to want to abide by.
2, cure installs specific content: Basically include: The accident of total period of treatment (short distance or long Cheng) , the open sex period of treatment that the regulation ends time or does not have specific deadline beforehand, the time of the frequency that treats division and patient meeting, specific meeting, every time the accident of meeting time, rate and collect fees means, off the processing with break a contact, cure is indoor the seat arrangement that treats division and patient, whether to use deck chair, whether to allow another person attendant, .
3, the feature that treats a setting: The basis treats the definition of the setting and content, can see remedial setting has the following feature:
(1) exist at cure first;
(2) have opposite fixity and mode sex;
(3) although be made by remedial division one-sided,make regularly, but what drafting the regulation that go out is aimed at both sides however, ask to treat division and ill average per capita to want to be abided by jointly namely;
(4) the specific content that regular place contains, basically depend on the academic orientaton that treats division, the part depends on the actual condition of specific patient.
(5) the health that the end that treats a setting depends on assuring psychotherapy undertakes.

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