The charm origin of psychotherapy
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"Is psychotherapy useful? " " after all why does the curative effect of psychotherapy come? " " be two people sit to talk only just? " not, not be such absolutely, talking with the person everyday each otherwise, why to still have psychological worry of so much and obstacle! In me cerebral sea mile explores this interesting topic for discussion ceaselessly: "The charm origin of psychotherapy? "The charm origin of psychotherapy??

A lot of people regard psychotherapy as mysterious process, not only psychological doctor is very mysterious, remedial place is very mysterious also, the patient's secret is more mysterious of course, psychotherapy is waited for in light of the state of mind that the masses is taking general collect to face mystery, can be imagined, the expectation that everybody holds to psychotherapy holds in the arms and it is desirably how the ground is magical, the demon barrier of all concerned psychology levels can lend Fang Buddha psychotherapy and dissolve aeriform, such-and-such the figure that does not eat terrestrial cooked food can take psychotherapy daily from us life only actually in the center, fang Buddha it is at the day Yao cannot reach Gao Xuan; However, this is my afraidest thing, actually psychotherapy ought not to be aeriform and by deification, ought not to put the prostrate in Zhuxin only, this did not treat the effect, at best just adds contemporary information to go up completely in vain the name that a in your person does not know stopped.

I leave a more explicit definition to psychotherapy presumably! Actually, psychotherapy is fully outstanding as interactive as the person process and on mood of correctional and certain psychology uncomfortable experienced remedial process. Psychotherapy is so due a few features:

(Of 1) person and person interactive: Pass through language of talk, limbs, it is the person that treat and patient those even here all sorts of interacting (the eyes or each other odour are possible) the influence that will cause cure to go up.

(2) is correctional uncomfortable mood: It is clear that psychotherapy should have reach accessible target, so the chat like far apart is, plan how the election is built situation do not be, strike up a conversation chat to also be; Having one party is remedial division, one party is the person that be treated just can be psychotherapy.

(3) it is a kind of process: Do not expect psychological problem can be given by 9 words " satori " , normally psychotherapy needs long time to just can show its remedial strength, so I say psychotherapy ought not to by deification, normally psychotherapy is remedial division overflows long way when with the person that be treated two people go in all.

Good, speak of this, return the problem that original great master is deeply concerned, how does psychotherapy have curative effect after all? I want to introduce an a bit chatty phrase here- - " experience of correctional disposition mood " , what is called " experience of correctional disposition mood " ? This is the jargon that a psychotherapy learns to go up, it included two much, "Correctional sex " reach " mood experience " , try to become explanation of this two parts probably " two phase " , can let everybody understand more.
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