Psychological doctor talks about the effect that psychology seeks advice from
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See psychological doctor, the psychology of nothing is more... than that everybody cares most seeks advice from the effect. It is good that the ceaseless inquiry before are a lot of friends doing psychology to seek advice seeks advice from the effect? It is to hope psychological doctor assures to him so: Finish seek advice, you are certain whats don't have a thing, the mood also has been met, again big difficult problem also can be solved, any psychological diseases also can recover. This is similar to, you lack cash, finish seek advice to be able to have money, you cannot find a girlfriend, finish advisory girlfriend also had, what do you lack, you why the thing is vexed, want to see psychological doctor only, everything with respect to Ok. That says so, psychological doctor is not an immortal, that also is Xiu Lian a lot of years, the rabbi of can distinctive function, have extraordinary magic power, meeting magic arts. If such, that world also does not have anguish again, without affliction, do not have poverty and disease, the world is pure really, beautiful really. Alas, is that too good?
What issue do this show? The person that seek advice often is being taken, the difficult problem him bewilderment pushs the psychology of psychological doctor to undertake advisory completely, "I look for you to let you give an idea to me namely, how do you say I should do? " the standard that he evaluates advisory effect is psychological doctor the method that solves a problem to him is good, it is the responsibility of psychological doctor one-sided and obligation completely. And his where, it is to want reap without sowing, without anguish, did not pay, did not try hard, like taking elixir of life with respect to OK and relaxed elephant, the problem is greeted allow and solved.
Above is the psychological characteristic that a lot of friends look for psychological doctor to seek advice from place to have. Just think is taking such psychology to seek advice, so is advisory effect met? Can you achieve the satisfaction of the person that seek advice? Again profound psychology doctor and psychologist also the satisfaction of the person that short of seeks advice.
Very much now person is insufficient to psychological advisory understanding, seek advice to be in in the center, the person that seek advice and the responsibility that psychological doctor bears and obligation are not to understand very much, and the working characteristic of doctor of referral center manage, advisory technology, etc, cannot understand in detail. Lack the proper understanding that seeks advice to psychology. Bring about a lot of psychology to seek advice so cannot succeed to end satisfactorily.
Above all, psychological doctor and the person that call in is equality coadjutant relation. Equal in a kind of interactive relation communicating and both sides discusses an issue. The responsibility of psychological doctor is problem of analysis of the person that assistance calls in, settle an issue, discussion problem, know ego, find out problem and the focal place that psychology conflicts thereby, it is coadjutant, is not the final person that choose. The responsibility of the person that call in, it is to be below the assistance of psychological doctor, ego is known on certain arrangement of ideas, know oneself psychological weakness is in, solve a problem to want to rely on his, can monopolize without the person replace. Often be in advisory process, the very much person that call in feels psychological doctor asks a question namely, asking all the time, do not know the active problem that faces oneself however, active participation, active reflection, oneself bear a responsibility to oneself. Waiting for psychology to the doctor is chosen to him and think way solely however. Such psychology sought advice to cannot succeed, one party does not give interact actively and shirk responsibility, do not go hard, think reap without sowing advisory effect can be affected. Still have even if, the happening of psychological problem is in manhood, and its formation is from childhood period had begun, the generation that is psychological problem already laid firm foundation, such state of mind makes the one part of habit of the person that seek advice and character already. Seek advice when psychology touch it when, also touched a person as a child the habit of nurturance and character, and the change rejects to form old habit and character on person instinct, so psychology seeks advice from total meeting to encounter the dogged resistance that comes from itself. The person that seek advice seeks treatment on one hand, resist subliminally again on one hand cure. The not self-conscious resistance of the person that seek advice, make psychology seeks advice become difficult.
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