Why does psychology seek advice to cannot solve a problem?
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Does my problem undertake psychology seeks advice can be you solved? This is the problem that the person that we seek advice from regular meeting of the classics in fulfilling the job to be called in in psychology asks about.

Above all, psychology seeks advice from the accident that needs time, depend on the property of advisory problem of the person that call in. If your problem belongs to the category that development psychology seeks advice from, that is to say your problem is the bewilderment that encounters in the process of personal growth and obstacle, course 1, seeking advice 2 times is to be able to solve a problem.

But, if your problem belongs to the category that healthy psychology seeks advice from, if of all kinds negative disposition is mood problem, undesirable problem of behavior problem, neurosis sex psychology, disposition problem, must want to seek advice from a process through, specific need how long wants to decide according to the property of psychological problem, duration, serious degree. For instance of 10 one's remaining years depressed, force to wait for problem of neurosis sex psychology, it is impossible that through 1 ~ 2 psychology seek advice from what solve. This is the process that has a nature because of the settlement that causes psychological problem. Because this cannot expect to seek advice to be able to solve a problem, the scar that misfortune of the elimination of the change of the wrong idea that brings about psychology for instance, insalubrious behavior means, childhood experiences is impossible between one night get settlement. The formation of adaptability thinking mode and behavior also needs time, impossible a snap of the fingers one brandish, the behavior of the adaptability after a few hours is used to with respect to nurturance. Accordingly, the patience that has fixed rate to the settlement of psychological problem is necessary. Psychological problem settles need how long time generally speaking depends on the element of two respects. The first element is the person that appeal cooperate degree, if appeal person the apiration that did not solve a problem, perhaps cooperate not actively to seeking advice from the requirement of division, this asks the time that the problem solves with respect to can protracted psychology. The 2nd element is course of diseases and extensive change rate. The time that psychological problem forms grows the time of need more more, psychological question is right the life side effect such as the job, study, life, family is bigger, solve rise the time of need is longer.

Psychology seeks advice from the process that is a successive, trends, the settlement to psychological problem is not 1, seek advice 2 times to be able to achieve the result, the person that call in at the same time person change desire and effort cooperate also is very important. The person that a lot of calling in person the effort that hears psychology to seek advice to still need his, abandoned instantly, such evasive behavior and the psychological problem that count the person that psychology can make call in only are actually aggravating. The person that more calling in seeks advice to cannot solve a problem 1 times and abandon because of psychology, in allowing to be in negative disposition mood or bad action status for a long time by oneself, and make psychological problem evolves for psychological disease.
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