Lifelong development is psychological
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Lifelong development psychology is another branch of modern psychology, what its study is the issue that a person is laying li of each phase place to want to do firstly or the problem that face. Development phase of Ailikesen is talked showed person lifetime greatly the mission of each phase and problem. Ailikesen's development is talked also call social psychology to develop level theory, a person from be born to death to experience 8 level in all. The shape up of each phase is the development of below one phase to provide a basis, ailikesen thinks although one the individual's heredity decides when each development phase appears (the premise) that the maturity that because of here the face involves physiology regards experience as to become a possibility, but whether is the environment that he takes a society seriously more helpful for individual development. The development of each phase is the life mission that treats this stage, the face has positive one side to also have dangerous one side already here, when this kind of positive factor can the person when the one side with inactive conquer can transfer well next level.
It is Ailikesen's academic character development below:

1, fundamental faith and basic distrust: This one phase is from after birth, arrive one year old. This one phase is a life will to universal time await helpless phase, the baby needs active love and care. Right now baby gets the mother has regular ground to take care of, will have sufficient credit to the world. Such child is full of spark and the hope to future in child Tongji, conversely the child will appear to shrink back and be opposite the distrust of the world. Of course this kind of fundamental faith to the child also is not absoluteness ground give, the business that because in actual life of a child believes either,cuts person and everything is dangerous to the child. Certain distrust is necessary, also be healthy, helpful to living. This phase did not get the child of sufficient keep an eye on, they dare not hope to did not come (the motivation that the child is the action to prospective hope) , such child always likes be beside parental and not dare everywhere activity, this is expression of pair of outside world mistrustful. One gets trustful children, they do not fear failure, have strong future directional.

2, be opposite independently bashful with suspicion: This phase is one year old arrives 3 years old. The child of this one phase masters many skill (if talk, climb, go etc) , the child also has him " small plan " decide doing some is or do not do something. At this moment the apiration of the apiration of children and parents can produce conflict. Serve as parents right now should already good-tempered, should hold to the good convention of establish children, achieve benefit of broad severe look. If parents is beyond the mark indulgent protection, or castigatory severity inequity, children can suspect and feel bashful. The volitional quality with good children and sense of pride originate the ego control sense that did not lose self-respect; Abiding suspicion and bashful originate external beyond the mark control and damage of ego control force are killed. The autonomy of the children of this phase over bashful with suspicion, criterion children forms volitional character, what its show ego volition and ego choice is not movable shaken determination.
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