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One of main theory that psychoanalysis theory is modern psychology and social psychology. This theory is the generation in the practice that treating mental obstacle, become a kind of psychological theory that emphasizes involuntary process later, call sometimesCall sometimesDepth is psychologicalDepth is psychological. Founder is Austrian psychologist Fuluoyide (S. Freud) . The generation of psychoanalysis theory has its deep history humanitarian setting, the effort of its viewpoint method in the course is numerous psychologist since a century gets ceaseless development, form numerous group, have important place in western psychology not only, and the important ethos that became a kind to affect contemporary west culture. Its psychological to the society effect is keen more, as a result at " the influence that takes no account of psychoanalysis, the whole face that understands psychology of contemporary west society impossibly reachs his certain and main feature and direction. " the effect that the depth psychology says is expressed especially motive, character, socialization, manner, group is kinetic now wait for academic domain. The delegate character that psychological now bound thinks psychoanalysis is academic commonly is Fuluoyide and flourish case (C. G.Jung) .

(1) classical psychoanalysis of Fuluoyide is academic: The consciousness that Fuluoyide identifies humanness is mixed conciously involuntary cent, consciousness is the psychological part that concerns with direct perception, it is the part that the person can experience; is all sorts of the primitive impulse that includes an individual, instinct and the libidinal part that concern instinctively unconsciously, because these desires and impulse are abstained from wait with law control and the depression arrives under consciousness, although not by consciousness but was not died out, still be in constant activity, be gone to by recall likely at any time in consciousness, this but the part of recall is in namely consciousness and involuntary the preconscious between. The person is given priority to with sexual desire by depressive desire, fuluoyide thinks to there are a kind of potential forces to make a person seek a kind at the back of the gender not controlled controlled joy or pleasure, he says forHe says forForce comparing is muchForce comparing is much. .. Force comparing is muchForce comparing is muchIt is natural energy of the person, it is the source motive force that the person makes all behavior and character progress, ego instinct and sex instinct are the growth that points to life is mixed promotional, can synthesize healthful instinct; To it opposite is dead instinct, namely some kind of aggression that individual likelihood exists, destroy or the instinct that ego destroys. He is character cent this I, ego and exceed me. This I am the most primitive, involuntary structural part, have instinct and libidinal composition, "Force comparing is much " an organic whole is with this my couplet in character structure; The moral standard that exceeds my criterion to press a society acts, press holy principle activity, follow ethical principle; Ego is the recognizant part of character, want to satisfy this my immediateness requirement already, want to press the external demand act that exceeds me again, ego is abided by " actual principle " , be controlled according to the measure that reality can allow and depress this my impulse, the actual existence that makes we are experienced. The development i.e. that Fuluoyide knows humanness pattern this I, ego and the balance process that exceed me to go up in individual body. Additional, the explanation of the dream, complex of Russian surname Pu Si (Oedipus Complex) , angst and self defense mechanism also be Fuluoyide the key content of psychoanalysis theory.
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