The progress that the depth psychology sends
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From Freud later, depth psychology clique already had very great progress and change, the development of a few new theory already exceeded the category with classical theoretical analysis actually. Accordingly, these theory are said to regard the Freud after new Freud creed is mixed as creed.

Occurrence difference of traditional psychoanalysis theory, come from the interior of school above all. Carl Jung and Alfred Adler are final in order to found oneself new theory and part company with Freud. Jung in subconscious respect ground of more thorough, develop a school of one's own establishs a lot of his theory on indicative to myth paraphrase, with the religious view that studies a person on foundation of deep-seated psychology structure. And Adler is different, the social interest that he emphasizes recognizant level going up more and surmount self-abased pursuit. Their theory is called to analyse psychology and individual psychology respectively. To Freud later period, ego is psychological (Ego Psychology) feather gradually abundant, on the foundation of follow Freud doctrine, undertook publicly modification to his theory, leading person is Anna Freud, , heinz Hartmann and Robert White.

The 2nd academic to traditional psychoanalysis concussion comes from Karlen Honey and Erich Fromm. They emphasize the effect of society, culture to human behavior. Accordingly, their doctrine is called the article chemistry of psychoanalysis to send again. Honey takes seriously family and all round human this kind of microcosmic society, put forward neurosis sex conflict to originate wrong human relation. And Fromm holds macroscopical social view, think social structure, socioeconomy and class administrative levels, the specific thought in reaching specific society is the real reason that affects human behaviour, the viewpoint of Freud of his approve of, the action that recognizes humanness is cannot ego pilot, at the same time him the viewpoint of praise highly Karl Marx, the dominant power that restricts human action comes from socioeconomy and social thought.

The object that the 3rd times concussion should belong to Margaret Mahler is psychological (Object Relations) those who reach John Bowlby is close add doctrine (Attachment Theory) , the influence that these theory pay attention to human relation and human association to be formed to psychological structure.
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