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1912, m. Wei Teman published a paper " be like the test that use to consider " , the mark is worn of one school arisen.  
Theoretic a few forerunner:  
Thought of philosophy of German philosopher Kantian: Consciousness is not a kind of passive impression and the tie that feel an element, however the experience that these elements organize whole experience and union actively to rise.
Physicist horse conspicuous (" sensory analysis " 1885) : Dimensional mode (like geometrical graph) with time mode (like melody) feeling and element have nothing to do. Although observer looks attentively at the dimensional azimuth of object to may change, but its vision to object or listening to consciousness is changeless. For example, no matter from which at the same time or go up from the top, or go looking from one horn, in our consciousness, a piece of table remains a piece of table. Same a series of sound, for instance a melody, although the likelihood changes rate, but remain in our consciousness same bear strain. (I think, although scale is changed, or wrong tone, also do not affect people to raise the consciousness of melody to this. )
Be stranded arris expends Er: The cannot use all sorts of traditional senses character band of some experience rises explanation, these call format tower to pledge character, or look is simple. Consciousness is a foundation with the certain thing besides individual feeling. A melody is a form pledges, lai Yu notting comply comprises those its special feelings.     

Times spirit:
19 centuries are last a few years, admit as a result of physics and accept the concept of field of force, it has applied the concept of nuclear doctrine less. For instance magnetic force, smooth, report. These field of force are thought to have wide ductility of the space already, also have model or model. They are regarded to be new structural entity, is not the action summation with specific atomic perhaps element.
Of Wei Teman be like use a test
Do with taking an examination of husband card, exacting to strap be tried, wei Teman is used fast show implement, through two fine seam projectile give two lights, perpendicular, another is become with perpendicular 20 or 30 degrees of horn. If pass first fine seam show the light, show another light next, there is one longer time-interval between two lights (more than 200 millisecond) , so the light that testee sees two appear in succession. If the time-interval between two lights is short, testee sees two successive lights. But, there is one optimum time-interval between two lights (about 60 millisecond) , testee sees the light moves to another place from one place, and move again go back. This is a of the summation that whole is a part not only clear case.
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