Narrative psychotherapy
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"Narrative psychotherapy " it is current be paid close attention to extensively hind contemporary psychotherapy means, it cast off person of traditional sense admiral to regard the remedial idea that is a problem, through " story narrate " , " change outside the problem " , " by thin to thick " wait for a method, make the person becomes owner, have power more.
Pass through narrative psychotherapy, the psychology that can invite party not only is able to grow, still can let seek advice from division to to the part of ego new interconnected system is rectified at the same time with think over.

One, the generation setting of narrative psychotherapy and concept

1. Narrative psychotherapy have its source after modernistic
Narrative, say story of that is to say simply. Every story is narrative, but narrative be not is the story on traditional sense, under photograph comparing, it has the diversity on expressive content and method and complexity. About what it is narrative, have state variously, be like " narrative the fountainhead that is our explanation world " ; Narrative be " the kind that people understanding ego lives and experiences, we swim in the story all the time a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it " ; Narrative be " record and narrate, or the example that the around that designs the thing that produces with conveying place contacts " wait. What the original idea of narrative Latin points to is behavior is mixed have successional experience. Comparing a clear kind to state is: "Narrative it is to tell someone happening what thing " a series of oral, of the symbol or the alignment of behavior. [1]
The be current of narrative psychotherapy is with contemporary philosophy hind modernistic thoughts is not divided. Here, be necessary to distinguish modernistic the modernistic thoughts to psychotherapy idea and method influence after mixing. Here, the biggest distinction of contemporary viewpoint after contemporary viewpoint is mixed depends on both right " true " (Reality) the view is different. [2] the modernist advocates objective nitty-gritty, because they can try to observe,reach those who undertake systematization to discuss, the truth is the truth, won't differ because of the person of observation or the method that are observation and differ somewhat. After that modernistic believe subjective nitty-gritty, that is to say what nitty-gritty can observe course as what use is different and change, nitty-gritty depends on the use of the language, and get for the most part the influence of the setting environment with located people. Modernistic thoughts is right after narrative theory is mixed of clinical psychology enter, was born narrative psychology.
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