The progress that the family treats
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The family treats a kind of form that is psychotherapy, treating a target is him patient not merely, forgive through be being promoted in domestic member interior however, promotional affection communicates the course of action with mutual care, make every family member knows structure of affection of the morbid state in the family, in order to correct its mutual psychology morbid state, improve domestic function, generation treats sexual influence, achieve get along well, to the purpose of normal evolution.

The family is treated by wheat Er initiate. He thinks the psychological development of every phase in one individual lifetime and its family influence are having close relationship, try connoisseur front courtyard to treat, in order to correct these psychological morbid state. Inchoate family is treated (the effect that 1940-1945) suffers psychoanalysis psychotherapy more, undertake individual psychotherapy to the patient in domestic member only. But inside this period, mai De (Madd) and Barber (the effect that the person such as Buber) suffers collective psychotherapy, take the group therapy of pair of family members seriously. 1948, lin Zongyi of alienist of province of our country Taiwan is mixed according to China mode of traditional culture family, the profession of integrated Japan is treated, built a family to treat a center. 70 time, american Ma Siting (Mustin, r. T. H. ) in domestic cure, still allude the significance that housewife plays a woman to liberate motion. From 1962 " domestic process " after the magazine is issued, domestic cure makes an independent field, developed oneself academic system and practice method, make its make one of psychotherapy kinds that cannot be replaced. American marriage family treats association 913 from 1970, 7567 when increase to 1979, established institute of 300 many families.

Because the family is unit of a function, the relationship of member of it and every family is most close. The individual character of every member in the family, viewpoint of value, and to the society get used to mode to wait, all form below domestic edification. Between domestic member intimate contact, mutual generation the influence of the gender with negative sex. But, because domestic function is undesirable, such as family leads a function not clear, alien inserts dividing line of undesirable, family interior of person, family is mutual front courtyard of twist of concern of torment, family, odd relatives by marriage, recombine family of family, fosterage, family inattentive, each other does not care, in the difficulty of old people, and domestic communication mode is not coequal, can make all family member coils on different level dispute of family front courtyard, own one part in clammy domestic concern, bring about all sorts of clammy affection and behavior obstacle thereby.
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