Therapeutics of box front courtyard
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[therapeutics of box front courtyard is genetic]

Therapeutics of box front courtyard (Sandspiel, sand Play Technique) call sand table therapeutics or sandbox therapeutics again. A kind of psychotherapy that rise develops in Europe. 1939, suffer Weiersi " floor game " enlightenment, the heart of Er of humble of pediatrician fatigue favour of British London puts collected various toy model in the case, let children play in case middle reaches. Children are what this case says " magical case " , name method of psychotherapy of this one children for " world ability law " .

Depth psychology home of Switzerland takes an examination of Er husband (D. Kalff) the guidance that accepted Laoenfeierde, mix flourish case (C. G. Jung) analytic psychology is united in wedlock, the person that pay attention to cure and the reliant relation of the person that be treated stand really, the heart of use flourish case resembles, the work that the viewpoint of indicative theory goes to analysing a patient, developed way of this one ability.

The river combines falcon heroThe husband that take an examination of Er followed to learn way of this one ability when flourish case institute of Switzerland studies abroad, introduce Japan. Be in Japan, therapeutics of box front courtyard already was comparatived the affirmation of degree, already made one of main trends of psychotherapy.

[Brief introduction of therapeutics of box front courtyard]

Sand table game presents the creation that is a kind of psychotherapy and indicative form, build in place " the space of freedom and protection " in atmosphere, provide sand, water and sand in using the image in rich originality, it is the creation of the psychotherapy of sand table game and indicative mode. All sorts of sand table image of a series, mirrorred sand table player consciousness is mixed in the heart involuntary the communication between and dialog, and from this and the excitation development that cures development of health of process, body and mind and character and perfect.

Therapeutics of box front courtyard is to analyse psychological theory to seek advice from a kind of psychology that academic union rises with game and other psychology clinical therapeutics, the expect that passes innovation and setting will convey his, world of intuitionistic indication heart, thereby can steer clear of seeks advice from medium impedance. Basically the remedial category that all sorts of psychology problems and psychogenic disorder all can regard this as the method. Regard abroad as a kind of mature psychotherapy technology, also begin to get applied in our country at present.

Therapeutics of box front courtyard can regard activity of normal person psychology as projectile experience. Provide through putting the sand inside sand table, model with him (she) the psychological world of correspondence of photograph of internal state of affairs, show a person's beautiful heart garden. At the same time it also is a kind of when teach in the light of teenage mental health effective method, can fostering the respect such as imagination of self-confidence and character, development and creativity to produce positive effect.
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