All sorts of mode that the family treats
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In close tens of year come, go removing to help a family state of its family pathology, the person that the family is treated founds and try all sorts of cure way, choose to have now representative person, cent narrates as follows:

One, cure of supportive sex family

Family of alleged support sex is treated, with the individual's support the gender coachs same, its main focal point is put in the family that is aimed at experience difficulty to give proper psychology support, the difficulty that overshoots place is faced in order to go to the lavatory, need supports domestic treatment of the gender, normally but attributive for the following 3 kinds big.

1. The family is in serious psychological blow or scar, need special support. For example: The member of a family fell ill, sufferred an injury, be raped or die even, inner tube giving the home will make the blow on oversensitive affection, the support that need alien gives proper mood to go up and comfort, give what what need to help. The family confronts fire, flood or the ab extra disaster such as the earthquake, also be when wanting to give support instantly.

2. The family faces transitional difficulty, if parents decides to want to divorce, or children should leave home go abroad, domestic member perhaps is added in the home, and when the family is at a loss, the provisionality that needs another person possibly is auxiliary with help will overshoot the crisis on development phase. The family removes the surroundings with very different environment and suit when having difficulty, need possibly also temporarily sexual assistance.
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