Exceed the basic concept of individual psychology
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[author brief introduction] Guo Yongyu, china in Normal University psychology is, hubei Wuhan 430079
Guo Yongyu (1963, ) , male, hubei lets city person, china in Normal University psychology fastens an associate professor, doctor, basically pursue psychological academic research.
[content abstract] exceeding individual psychology is acting 1960 end to 70 time the United States is in first a kind of arisen psychological genre. It is the psychology that reachs its to surmount about the individual. Its understanding to the person and traditional psychology very not identical, but people still is put to clique of this one new learning have misunderstanding, the article undertook clarifying to these misapprehensive one by one.
[English summary] Transpersonal Psychology Is A New School Of Psychologydeveloped From The Late 1960s' , which Is Quite Different Fromthe Traditional Psychology. Due To The Existence Ofmisunderstanding, this Paper Tries To Clarify It.
[keyword] exceed individual psychology / basic conceptTranspersonal Psychology/basic Standpoints
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One, what is to exceed individual psychology
Exceed individual psychology (Transpersonal Psychology) it is 60 time end reachs 20 centuries the United States is in at the beginning of 70 time a kind of arisen psychological genre. It is the result that this psychology recruits the person adequately, also can say it is a person this psychological derive content [1] (P9, 13) . Su Di is strange (Anthony J. Sutich, 1907, 1976) in its chief editor " person this psychological magazine " 1968 the 1st period on write Wen Xuan to say: "The 4th force in psychology, exceed individual psychology to be being formed namely. " [2] in those days the first interest that the person regards behavior creed as psychology when this psychology is arisen, psychoanalysis is the 2nd force, claim humanism is the 3rd force. As the person this psychology is admitted by mainstream psychology, to acting 1960 metaphase, a few people this psychological leader figure, include Masiluo (Abraham Maslow, 1908, 1970) He Sudi is strange wait for a person to often discuss the issue that surmounts humanism, they are more and more malcontent this psychology pays close attention to the person only individual ego and its implementation, realize should rise the world beyond ego and individual and meaning connection, this domain belongs to surmounted domain or exceed the cultural life domain that ego shows loving care for. Then they begin to brew a kind of psychology that pays close attention to this one domain, claim this kind of psychology is psychology of the 4th force, or exceed individual psychology.
If give a definition from methodology and academic origin, so, exceed individual psychology to be able to be understood to be a such school, it tries to go to the wisdom conformity of world spirit tradition in the intellectual system of modern psychology [3] (P8, 9) . World spirit tradition and modern psychology are two kinds of knowledge systems about person oneself, former it is the traditional religion that points to culture of world each nation and philosophy, the understanding that including pair of people and its cultural life among them and means of carry out travel, but the expressive means that is not the method with modern science and systematization exists; The science that latter is including the body to the person and psychology studies, but this kind of research cut off to be contacted traditionally with world spirit greatly. Exceed individual psychology to support coequal esteem attitude to world spirit tradition and modern psychology, try to rise both union, try of creativity integrated, offer a kind to include the body, psychology and drive then (Body, Mind, Spirit) the framework will know ourselves in the round.
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