Psychological genre is summed up
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Since 1879, whole mentality academia appeared to there never was the prosperous situation of past enthusiastic learning delibrate in the past. It is after Feng Te's content is psychological, in quick succession appeared in succession or object again or the theory of successive Feng Te, or additional monarch path, develop a school of one's own. Greatly various, small psychology sends about a hundred. These school are widespread, spread all over world each district.

These school, have what go considering from immanent consciousness, have study from explicit behavior; Have the surface layer research from consciousness, have the deep-seated research from consciousness; Have Cong Jing state, have driven state; Still have learn from biology, several a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, geometric, physics, topology, nation, article chemistry waits other and different point of view a moment to consider. All school, school that includes to accede each other, consider to there is connection already on object, limits, property, content and method in their psychology, each are not identical. The rate that more than 100 this years psychology grows and research achievement, exceed all total that positive result studies to psychology on human history far, to the deepness of psychological phenomenon exploratory study and range, also reached unprecedented level.

And perforative psychology hundred years history mainstay line, it is the history that 10 colleges group forms development.

Group of this 10 colleges is: Psychology of clique, functionalism sends content psychology school, conative psychology school, structuralism psychology, psychology of tower of clique, format sends behavior creed psychology, .

No matter school of this 10 big psychology is opposite from its object, task, limits, method and from its dimensions and the domain that affect look, urging action objectively to what psychology studies is tremendous. They once had acted as the leading role that psychology studies the process is medium, the liability that the psychological history that has represented a period admits, had controlled psychology objectively history development. The main body of psychological now basic theory, basically also be the advantage that rich picks 10 universities to send doctrine, derive their reasonable valuable part and those who form. We learn nowadays any " common psychology " teaching material, the elite part that its content is pair of 10 old school actually had the result of collect luxurianting growth, it is the main crystallization of doctrine of 10 old school. Among them main body theory, concept and regulation can trace to the source to be sent to 10 universities almost, source is found over.

Psychological history the other school that attend, also had had certain effect, but be included by place of 10 old school finally, absorb, flood, nationalization. Some is obscure and difficult, did not get extensive transmission and resonance, did not have due effect.
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