The generation that behavior treats and development
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1. Historical setting

Behavior technology gets in our life consciousness or not self-conscious application, having ages ago history. We often can hear the parent to say to the child, studied good result, reward a toy, this is of aggrandizement technology apply. The master gives prentice set an example how to operate a machine, this is the process that imitates study. But behavior technology is studied below academic guidance by systematic experiment, be applied at education and clinical cure domain, it is thing of nearly 50 years only.

Be in early 20 centuries 20 time, bafuluofu explores the form etiquette law of neurosis with respect to the method that uses a test. The observation in the lab makes clear, different animal is right cause " neurosis " means has different reaction, but these reaction are involved commonly avoid, shrink back, the heartbeat is accelerated, breathe hurried, Yi Ji to offend, with etc a few reaction that are similar to human angst condition.

To neurosis of animal experiment sex research is dog of research of laboratory of Ba Fuluo's husband discern the one part of study, be undertaken to the condition by the requirement when the animal difficulty is greater when discerning, they can lose what once reviewed all conditional reaction, and the uneasiness that shows apparent action to go up, they become fretted uneasiness, actuation, have aggressive behavior show. Bafuluofu calls these mood reaction " experimental sex neurosis " , put forward hypothesis to producing their neurology mechanism.

The job of the experimental sex neurosis that Bafuluofu initiates gets further progress in the United States later. Investigator uses a cat to regard an experiment as the object, the elimination that they use in the program that the neurosis of the animal reacts, have a few as special as the certain technology that at present behavior treats likeness, for example resembles imitating study (the animal that does not have an animal that has formed scared reaction scared reaction with another is put in the) in a basket, expose (the exciting) that compulsive animal goes to contacting them to fear, ego management (furnish through controlling a thing to send him device manages alimental) etc. The result of these research is right new remedial approach -- the effect effect with arrived very main since the generation that behavior treats.
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