Incline to exceeds individual psychology integratedly
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One, those who exceed individual psychology is arisen

Regard a kind of independent psychology as genre, the history that exceeds individual psychology is very brief. But its idea source however already but restrospect to 2000 for years ideologist of western ancient time is like Puluotaigela, De Moke before the person such as benefit spy, Plato, Yalishiduode reachs his to human nature, also but philosophy of east of restrospect to ancient time and religion, the Zen of the Taoist school doctrine of the buddhism of each country of the yoga result in be like Indian culture, southeast Asia, China, Japan and China, Mohammedan pantheism occultism. What as the thing square culture communicates is frequent, the thought of these archaic east produced major effect to western society. A man of insight of a few wests, be like W. Zhanmusi, CG. The person such as flourish case appeals in their research people pays close attention to the psychological phenomenon that these look seemingly mysterious in average person. Look in them, these phenomena are not mysterious, just be in the method that scientific a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood still uses hard below the circumstance at present undertakes study just. Cannot study hard because of them, without giving thought to,discard them, aleatoric ground is mixed by religion, witch person cheater people will try explain according to respective need.   

20 centuries middle period, humanism psychology is in the hubbub that objects behavior creed and psychoanalysis, calling psychology the historical arena that the banner of the 3rd force was on psychology, it emphasizes studying the person's dignity and value, disentomb the potential of the person's self-fulfilment, explore the meaning that life exists. In studying a process, psychologist of a few humanism discovers, go up to have a kind of development liability that exceeds an individual personally in everybody, this is a kind of ceaseless pursuit that grows to character health, it is including the feature that a lot of ego surmount and motivation. But, what place of most humanism psychologist pays close attention to is normal and healthy person, although they admit to have the presence that exceeds individual psychology phenomenon, but be willing without how many person with great concentration studies them. Even if the person of those immanent potential that pay close attention to a person and self-fulfilment, also not be willing to exceed its specific research range. Exceed individual psychology to want to develop somewhat, must come out from the become divided in humanism psychology, build oneself academic system.   
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